Life Facing Bars: A Gang Prevention Documentary
Life Facing Bars: A Gang Prevention Documentary is a 40-minute feature about gangs in California’s Central Coast. It features ex-gang members sharing their experiences and dispelling the lies about the gang lifestyle. Our main audiences are local junior high and high school students and educating them about choices and consequences.

New Gang Resources (Including Spanish)
Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention – Selected Gang Resources from website.

Download Directions (for PC):
right-click on the link, left-click on “Save link as…”, select the location and name for the file, and finally left-click the “Save” button;
left-click the link, then right-click on the document after it’s fully shown, click “Save as…”, select location and name for the file, and finally left-click the “Save” button.

  1. Parents’ Guide to Gangs -English (2 pgs)
  2. Parents’ Guide to Gangs – Spanish (2 pgs)
  3. The Impact of Gangs on the Community (9 pgs)
  4. Preventing Adolescent Gang Involvement (12 pgs)
  5. The End of the Line: California Gangs and the Promise of Street Peace by Luis Rodriguez (12 pages)
  6. Pandillas:_Una_Respuesta_Comunitaria 1 of 3 (18 pgs)
  7. Pandillas:_Una_Respuesta_Comunitaria_2 of 3 (20 pgs)
  8. Pandillas:_Una_Respuesta_Comunitaria_3 of 3 (24 pgs)
  9. History of Street Gangs (25 pgs)
  10. Quick Guide to Gangs (39 pgs)
  11. Comprehensive Gang Prevention Model OJJDP (71 pgs)
  12. Homeboy Mental Health Power Point Presentation

Mental Health Resources
Resources from Homeboy Industries Mental Health:

1. Exposure to Partner, Family, and Community Violence: Missing Links in Young Latina Women’s Risk for Unintended Pregnancy

2. Trauma-Based Approach

3. Homeboy Industries Program Schedule

4. Adolescent Females Pathways Into Gangs: Exploring Childhood Exposures to Violence and Gang Affiliation Among Urban Latina Adolescent Females

5. Treating adult survivors of severe childhood abuse and neglect: Further development of an integrative model

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